1 Nephi 1: Living a blessed life amid challenges

For week 1’s reading (1 Nephi 1) I asked, Is it possible to live a blessed life when you have a lot of challenges? Verse 20 has a good answer to that:


Nephi aims to illustrate through his experiences that Christ shows mercy to those who have faith in Him. He says that this mercy makes us powerful–even to the point that we can be delivered from any cage, trial, trap, or obstacle.

In chapter 1 we learn that Nephi has already faced a lot of adversity in his life, but he knows God. Nephi’s relationship with God is his rock and the reason he decides to keep a record.

You are probably like Nephi in that you have experienced hardships in your life. These may have caused you to doubt that God is there for you. However, its always possible to start anew.

Try keeping a journal of the “tender mercies” that happen to you throughout the day. It could be something as simple as a conversation with a friend that gives you a little boost of hope. Even if it doesnt feel like it, God cares about you and will deliver you from trouble, even if it takes years.

What did you get out of this chapter? Did you find an answer to the question?

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